Understand the industry

- Understand the industry

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Understand the industry

Got a rough idea of the job or industry you’d like to venture into? It’s research time! To increase your chances of landing that job, know what the in-demand positions are for the industry, the skillsets required to enter and the median salary. If a long-term position is something you are looking for, gauge your progression opportunities by knowing the projected growth of your industry in the next 5 – 10 years.

There are comprehensive national frameworks rolled out across 23 industries if you are in need of an overview:

SkillsFuture Skills Framework

Have an overview of the industry’s demographics, in-demand job positions and their required skillsets, median salary, growth opportunities and relevant training programmes.

Go to SkillsFuture Skills Framework.

Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs)

Understand what are some of the upcoming jobs and skillsets that will be required through these roadmaps which depict the transformation efforts of 23 industries and the support given to companies and workers to do so.

Go to Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs).

e2i Industry Pages

Gain industry outlook and explore sector-specific placement programmes that will propel you into the industry.

Go to our Industry Info.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information or prefer bouncing your thoughts and ideas off someone, our e2i career coaches are happy to help you.