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Did you know that come 2024, Singapore will be home to the world’s first 4-in-1 rail and bus depot? Our railway network is set to double by 2030 with the construction of new MRT lines and extension of the current lines. Today, more than 130 stations across five MRT lines span the island. In addition, there are more than 40 stations across two LRT lines and this 28km system has over 200 thousand daily ridership. All these are possible due to efforts and creative solutions from our railway professionals to meet Singapore’s growing transport needs. Are you keen to also conquer challenges and contribute in meeting Singapore’s transportation needs?

Highlights of Singapore’s Transport System

Singapore is among the most densely populated countries in the world. We face the challenges of growing transport demand and the constraints of physical space. Thus, there is a need to anticipate tomorrow’s needs and develop an efficient transport system. This is achieved through a three-pronged approach:

a. Public transport – Building the choice mode of transport with extensive rail network and quality bus and taxi services.

b. Motoring – Optimising road transport by expanding the infrastructure and maintaining vehicle population.

c. Accessibility – Implementing initiatives to enhance transport convenience and cater to people’s needs.

Collection of data on traffic flow, speeds and congestion by sensors on the roadside or by a global navigation system will become more sophisticated and widespread. With such large collection data and processing, travel advice could be targeted specifically at those who would benefit from it.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are expected to play a significant role in transportation. Autonomous vehicles (AV) are already under trial and there may be a possibility of them being used on fixed short bus routes in trials to prepare the country for an eventual driverless vehicle future, which will result in more convenient shared transport and less need to own cars.

Find out what’s Singapore’s vision for AV.

How does e2i support the Land Transport (Rail) industry?

e2i works with Public Transport Operators to organise placement and career-related events to support the manpower needs, and with job seekers to further their skills for the industry.


Job Matching

e2i has been working closely with the public and private transport industry partners to provide employment opportunities and improve the employability of the Bus and Rail Professionals, future-proofing their skills and allowing them to move laterally in their careers.

Job opportunities vary widely and include Bus Captains, Bus Technicians, Rail Engineers and Rail Technicians.

Find out what are the positions we are filling below.

If you are interested in a career in Rail, join our recruitment network by emailing your resume and contact information to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch when there is relevant job fair or event!


  • Ensure safety and comfort of their commuters while they travel on bus
  • Adhere to all bus driving schedules and timings through local routes


  • Class 3 driving licence with minimum 1 year of good and safe driving records
  • Able to perform shift duties Minimum Secondary/WPLN3


  • Ensure efficient and effective operation of the station: respond to emergencies and station-related duties
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Additional role may involve conducting on-the-job training to trainee(s).


  • Physically fit to manually operate station equipment
  • Possess good interpersonal skills with a passion to work with people
  • Able to perform shift duties
  • No colour-blindness
  • Possess Diploma in any discipline


  • Monitor and control daily train operations to ensure safe, efficient and reliable train services at all times
  • Constantly to coordinate and mobilise relevant Operations and Engineering team to deal with failure or unexpected events in an expeditious and safe manner


  • Able to work in an Operations Control Room environment
  • Possess a Degree in any discipline or Diploma with minimum 3-year working experience


  • Perform daily maintenance activities including preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, overhaul works
  • Supervisory roles such as planning, scheduling maintenance work/programme, fault analysis and work reporting


  • Physically fit to manually operate station equipment
  • Possess good interpersonal skills with a passion to work with people
  • Able to perform shift duties
  • No colour-blindness
  • Possess Diploma in Engineering Discipline – Electrical / Electronics / Telecommunication / Mechatronics / Computer Engineering / Mechanical Engineering (depending on the role)


  • Ensure maintenance of rail systems includes reviews
  • Analyse fault/failure trends data report
  • Monitor recurring maintenance activities
  • Risk assessments to meet or compliant with the specified standard, safety, reliability and availability levels


  • Possess good communication, interpersonal skills and passion to work with people
  • Possess Degree in Electrical / Electronics / Computer Science / Computer / Telecommunication Engineering/Mechanical Engineering (depending on the role)

Professional Development

To promote the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) usage and knowledge of Singaporeans- e2i and TÜV SÜD organized an Autonomous Vehicle (AV) masterclass where domain experts were invited to share in-depth knowledge of AV related products and services.

Participants were exposed to the world of AV technology advancement, safety standards, and equipped with the knowledge to thrive in the highly dynamic AV market.


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