New Monthly Workshops by e2i to boost your employability

Workshops to identify career gaps and increase your chances of employment

Identifying Skills Gaps for Your Next Dream Job

If you’re trying to figure out the steps of career progression and how to get there, join us at this virtual workshop as experts share how you can use roadmaps & frameworks to make the right career choice or pivot into a growth sector!

Elevating your Employment Opportunities

Want to know how recruiters screen and shortlist candidates ? The workshop shares tips to strengthen your articulation during the interview process and how you can build a strong working relationship with recruiters.

Elevator Pitch – 4 Rules to Hit Home Run

Introduce yourself like a pro at interviews! Learn to create a concise and persuasive introduction of yourself to potential employers using our pitching framework.

Communication at the Workplace series

Effective workplace communication is vital to creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Strong communication skills enhance one’s employability and ability to forge great work relationships with co-workers and management. How does one ace in workplace communication, bridge generational gaps, understand culture differences and promote harmonious communication at the workplace?

Network Your Way to a Job

Learn how to systematically approach your professional and personal contacts in a genuine manner to ask for referrals and job opportunities.