Career Guidance Stories

13 January 2020

My Career Journey: From Lawyer to Nanny

The future belongs to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial.
29 May 2019

Can You Thrive Without a Degree in Singapore?

In Singapore, most of us have been drilled from young to – study hard, do […]
25 November 2016

Getting Back on Track with Some Help

NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) Employability Coaches do more than sort out your resumes. […]
11 July 2016

Tips for Singaporeans: First steps to helping yourself out of unemployment

Being unemployed for a long period of time can be devastating to a person’s sense […]
1 July 2016

“How I regained my courage and confidence in finding a job”

Meilan, Assistant Librarian at National Library Board (NLB) “Since I got married, I took on […]
14 May 2016

“9 months of being unemployed, but I did not give up”

SUSAN TAN Programme Analyst in a renowned bank I have been working as a secretary […]