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Want to know how you can grow or “future-proof” your career within the Accountancy sector?

Or interested to move into a new career track but not sure how you can go about doing it?

Engage a career coach from e2i today to partner with you to achieve your career goals!

What can you expect from a Career Coaching session at the Accountancy Careers Hub (ACH)?

It will be a 45-minute advisory session where you can develop greater self-awareness, understand your career interests and preferences, recognize your work motivations, and assess your strengths and barriers to employment. A career coach will be assigned to you and strive to help you gain better clarity of yourself, as well as the accountancy sector’s employment and training landscape out there.

What does a Career Coaching session at ACH look like?

When you make an appointment, you will be assigned a Career Coach who will guide, advise and support you on your career journey. The career guidance session is to take on a solution-based approach to your career goals such as finding a job, switching an industry, or simply thinking of skilling up for your career. It can take place through a face-to-face meet-up, or via a phone or video call. It could range from just one or multiple sessions, depending on your needs.

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