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Affected by COVID-19 previously and want to find out how you can re-enter the tourism industry?

Or wish to find out how you can join the tourism sector and know the career tracks available?

Engage a career coach from e2i today and receive advice from our coaches who specialise in the tourism sector!

What can you expect from a Career Coaching session at the Tourism Careers Hub (TCH)?

This will be a 45 minute advisory session where you can develop greater self-awareness, understand your career interests and preferences, recognise your work motivations, and assess your strengths and barriers to employment. A career coach will be assigned to you and strive to help you gain better clarity of yourself, as well as the Tourism employment and training landscape.

What does a Coaching Session at TCH look like?

When you make an appointment, you will be assigned a Career Coach who will guide, advise and support you on your career journey. The career guidance session is to take on a solution-based approach to your career goals such as finding a job, switching an industry, or simply thinking of skilling up for your career. It can take place through a face-to-face meet-up, or via a phone or video call. It could range from just one or multiple sessions, depending on your needs.

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