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Find the right people for your team

  • Attend regular recruitment events
  • Gain access to a greater pool of talents through e2i’s network
  • Benefit from Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs) and job fairs

“e2i staff have been extremely prompt and resourceful in supporting our recruitment drives to boost manpower of the new Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). Together, we have placed some 140 Singaporeans into SMRT TEL over the past year, many of whom were jobseekers transiting from other industries.”

Mr Lam Sheau Kai,
Deputy Managing Director, SMRT Thomson-East Coast Line


Train your workforce to improve competence

  • Deep-skill, re-skill and multi-skill your employees
  • Improve competency through customised training courses
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

“It is great that e2i takes an active interest and is committed in helping is to improve, upgrade and keep abreast of new developments inn our trade. My team and I are grateful to be beneficiaries of the various training programmes and talks organised by e2i.”

Mr Judy Koh Teck Neo,
Director, Caffe Pralet and Creative Culinaire The School

Job Redesign

Redesign work or jobs for increased gains

  • Identify potential areas for improvements
  • Co-create workplace solutions through Job Redesign
  • Foster a safer and smarter workplace

“With the new smart factory, we have greater output and rely on big data to better analyse and improve the shop floor. New technology lets us employers streamline work processes and increase cost savings, and our employees are also able to enjoy an easier, safer and smarter work environment.”

Mr Jeremy Fong,
Chief Executive Officer, Fong’s Engineering and Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Get connected with NTUC Training & Placement Ecosystem (TPE) to further your business transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why seek recruitment assistance when I already have access to my pool of talents?

e2i provides one-stop, personalised services to help you with your manpower and training needs. You can tap on our customised career fairs, networking events and back-end referrals to reach a greater pool of talents!

Why do I need to relook at my team’s work processes when we’re already hitting targets?

When workers are trained and can value-add better, business productivity follows! Work tasks can become easier, and the workplace safer and smarter for your workers.

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