In February 2022, the Government set aside S$100 million for the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to scale up Company Training Committees (CTCs). Part of this funding supports the NTUC CTC Grant which assists entities with CTCs, by co-funding their proposals aimed at raising productivity, redesigning jobs and improving work prospects. Applicants seeking to transform their business processes, redefine job roles for workers, and uplift productivity can tap on this grant to drive workforce and enterprise transformation. Please refer to the following for more information:


Important to note:
Submissions via emails or hardcopies will no longer be accepted with effect from 16 July 2023 (2359hrs). All new claims are to be submitted via the new e2i Grant Portal.


What is the NTUC CTC Grant?

The grant is managed by NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) to support entities that have formed Company Training Committees (CTC) to implement transformation plans that would lead to better worker and business outcomes. The grant serves to strengthen worker and business outcomes to bring about:

  • Enterprise transformation: Enhanced business capabilities, innovation and/or productivity;


  • Workforce transformation: Better career prospects and better wages for local workers (Singapore Citizens / Singapore Permanent Residents) through efforts such as job redesign. Applicant to commit at least 1 of following worker outcomes:
    • wage increase; and/or
    • implemented Career Development Plan (CDP) that is communicated to staff.


What can be supported under the grant?

Items must be deemed relevant and tied to transformation plans that lead to worker and business outcomes. Examples of supportable items:

  • Equipment/Software and related OEM/software training
  • Consultancy


Who can apply for the CTC Grant?

Entities1 legally registered or incorporated in Singapore i.e. companies, societies, non-profit organisations such as charities and social service agencies are welcome to apply.

1 Government bodies, statutory boards, organs of state, and wholly-owned subsidiaries of Government are not eligible.


What is the funding support for eligible entities?

  • The CTC Grant provides funding support of up to 70% of qualifying cost for each project.
  • Funding quantum will be assessed based on:
    • Strength of project from business transformation perspective
    • Cost of project from worker outcomes perspective


How to apply for the CTC Grant?

  • Applicant needs to form a Company Training Committee (CTC).
    • For non-unionised companies, do reach out to e2i at From there, our officer will liaise with you.
    • For unionised companies or partners of U SME, please engage your representative for more information.
  • Applicant needs to develop a transformation plan and show how the plan leads to better worker and business outcomes.
  • Applicant should discuss and validate their transformation plan with their CTC senior management representative2 and NTUC / Worker representative*.
  • Applicant is recommended to engage e2i to review their project application before submission.
  • CTC Grant is open for applications from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2026.
  • Update: All new applications are to be submitted through the e2i Grant Portal. Submissions via emails or hardcopies will no longer be accepted with effect from 1 January 2023 0000hrs.

2 Senior management representative (e.g. Owner / MD / CEO / GM or key decision maker)

*To determine NTUC / Worker representative, please refer below:

Types of CTCs NTUC / worker rep
Unionised Company President of Union, Union Executive Secretary (ES), General Secretary (GS)
U SME CTC Director of U SME
Other NTUC/LM partners with CTC NTUC Cluster Leads


Next steps for applicant

  • If your company plans to form a CTC and is
    • non-unionised, do reach out to us at From there, our e2i officer will liaise with you.
    • unionised or a partner of U SME, please engage your union / U SME representative accordingly for more information.
  • Engage with e2i at when your draft transformation plan is ready.
  • Submit your application at e2i Grant Portal.

Claim submission

  1. After implementing your approved project and achieving the committed outcomes, please submit your claim via e2i Grant Portal within 4 weeks from the End Date specified in your Letter of Award (LOA).
  2. For applicants who have questions, please contact the respective Grant Management Officer specified in the Letter of Award (LOA) or email to [email protected].
  3. Once your claim is approved, you will receive an email notification.

NTUC CTC Grant is one of many solutions offered by NTUC’s Training & Placement Ecosystem (TPE).