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Career Guidance Session

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Do you want to do something about it? Engaging a career coach offers you a valuable opportunity to navigate your career path and enhance your professional wellbeing.

What is Career Guidance?

Career guidance is an advisory session where you can develop greater self-awareness, understand your career interests and preferences, recognize your work motivations, and assess your strengths and barriers to employment. A career coach will be assigned to you and strive to help you gain better clarity of yourself, as well as the employment and training landscape out there.

What to Expect from a Coaching Session at e2i?

When you make an appointment, you will be assigned a Career Coach who will provide guidance, advise and support you on your career journey. The coaching session takes a solution-based approach to address your career goals, whether it is personalised job matching, switching to a new industry, or upskilling. It can occur face-to-face or through phone or video calls, tailored to your preferences. The number of sessions varies, depending on your needs.

Where can I meet an e2i Career Coach for career guidance services?

For location details and operating hours of e2i Career Centres and e2i Jobs and Skills Centres, please click here:

When Should You Attend One?

You can meet a career coach at any stage of your career especially when you wish to evaluate your career choices. You do not need to be unemployed before you approach us. If you are at a crossroads of your career or just starting out, it is a good opportunity to discuss your situation with a career coach before making any decision.

How can our career coaches help you?

Our career coaches can offer you invaluable assistance such as:

  1. Uncovering your career interests and goals
  2. Assessing your current employability gaps
  3. Expanding your job search resources and knowledge of the job market
  4. Recommending relevant workshops to boost your skills and employability
  5. Providing personalised job matching services
  6. Offering support and building your confidence to advance in your career journey

Tips for your coaching session:

  1. Be honest about your challenges
  2. Stay open to the advice given
  3. Take active steps after the session to increase your skillsets and employability
  4. Collaborate and work closely with your coach to increase your chances of a successful job match

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Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend that you make an appointment as priority is given to all clients with an appointment. There may be a long waiting time if you do not have prior appointment to meet the coach.

It is more convenient as you can choose the time slot that is most suitable for you.

Please have your NRIC, mobile number, email address (if available) ready when you make an appointment.

You will receive an email notification after the appointment is made. However, if you have not input your email address, no notifications will be sent to you.

No, all jobseekers are required to register for a coaching session.

No, you cannot transfer the appointment.

Yes, you may cancel or reschedule one day in advance. However, please note that you may only be allowed to reschedule twice. If you have rescheduled more than two times or missed your appointments for more than 3 times, you will not be able to fix another appointment. Please call 6474 0606 for assistance.

Your appointment slot will be released if you are more than 15 minutes late. You will need to wait for the next available appointment slot or rebook another appointment.

Please contact our e2i hotline at 6474 0606 to inform them of the error.

If you are currently being served by any Career Matching Provider – AKG or Ingeus, we encourage you to continue working with them to optimize your job search journey and build efforts put in both by yourself and the provider.

Please contact AKG (6817 6049) or Ingeus (6202 4700) for advice.

e2i is partnering WSG to offer career services. You can access additional career services at MyCareersFuture.