Career Resilience Executive Workshop (CREW) is designed to assist Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) who are in a career transition.

Are you a non-PMET?

Check out the Employability Camp for non-PMETs.

A one-day workshop, CREW is a platform for PMETs to build confidence and resilience as they evaluate and strategise job search strategies, in the face of economic uncertainties and new expectations.

CREW Testimonial Videos

From discovering personal strengths, identifying skillsets to bridging gaps, the Career Resilience Executive Workshop aims to provide support to jobseekers so that they can stay resilient in this evolving employment landscape. Listen to some of our recent participants’ insights.

I have a clearer idea of what hiring managers want right now.

Mr Mohamed Nur Sa’lan Bin Mohamed Ayob

The workshop helped me understand the requirements for hiring that has already changed tremendously.

Ms Germaine Chow

I was given a set of skills to better market myself during the job search.

Mr Kevin Liu

This is a good platform for us to share our concerns, our emotions and to be aware of our emotions.

Ms Cecilia Chew

How do I sign up for CREW?

Make an appointment to attend a coaching session — our career coach will assess your needs and register you for the workshop.

Workshop objectives

  • Growth mindset and agility
  • Embracing self and recognise strengths
  • Networking and job search strategies
  • Resume writing
  • Interview techniques



Who should attend

  • PMETs who are in a career transition


Things to bring

  • Preferably a smart device (e.g. tablet or laptop) for hands-on activities
  • Participants without access to a laptop can bring along a printed copy of their resume
  • CREW is offered in 2 modes – face to face workshop and virtual workshop on the ZOOM platform

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