The Student Care industry has been growing over the years. There are currently over 400 Student Care Centres (SCCs) in schools and the community that are registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), of which approximately 21,000 students enrolled in school-based centres. The demand for after school care services is rising – all primary schools are expected to have SCCs by the end of 2020.

SCCs provide after-school care arrangements for children aged 7 to 14 years old. SCCs provide care and activities to enhance the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development. The centres’ programmes include homework supervision, play, enrichment and recreational activities. Student Care staff supervises and monitors children in the centres, providing a continuum of care for children as they enter primary school, and support working parents in the care arrangements for their school-going children.

Source: Ministry of Social and Family Development

How does e2i support the Education (Student Care) industry?



  • Career Fair for Student Care Industry – e2i organises Career Fair for the sector, with SCC operators offering island-wide vacancies ranging from Student Care Officer/Mentor, Centre Supervisor and Centre Administrator positions. The event helps increase awareness of career opportunities in the Student Care sector.
  • Dedicated Recruitment Drives – e2i works with SCC operators to co-organise smaller-scaled recruitment events. Such hiring efforts provide a more intimate setting, allowing the operators to share about their organisation and its vacancies with job seekers.
  • Place-and-Train Programme – e2i collaborates with SCC operators to customise place-and-train programmes to address manpower shortages and tackle skills-gaps among job seekers interested in taking on the available jobs within the Student Care sector. e2i can help to offset training and/or hiring cost for operators to tide over the transition period of the new entrants.

Professional Development

Professional Development Sector Professionalisation Efforts – e2i spearhead plans to up-skill and deep-skill the sector, partnering with training providers to bridge training gaps by customising relevant training opportunities.

Some of our training provider partners include Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Working with Children: Behaviour and Guidance), Rainbow Centre (Disability Awareness and Engagement Series Workshop) and Autism Resource Centre (Autism Series for Student Care and Enrichment Programme Teachers).


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