18 August 2022
A Heart for the People: e2i-RECA Train and Place Programme for Property and Facilities Management
What makes an ideal Property Executive? Not the engineering skills or the natural charisma, but […]
26 April 2022
Mid-Career Switch Made Easier
Exploring a new job or industry may seem daunting, where one will need updated skillsets to stay relevant in a rapidly-changing landscape. Hear 52 year-old Weilin's story on how he had to learn, unlearn and relearn.
22 March 2022
What is a career development programme and how can it help me in my job?
e2i continues to support local jobseekers and industries through various initiatives such as the career […]
17 March 2020
Job Security: How Much Is Within Our Control?
When it comes to job security, there are some factors out of our control. But for those that are within, here is what we can do to boost our own job security. Hear experienced career practitioners share their insights and advice with us working individuals.


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