7 March 2023
Are Flexible Work Arrangements The Right Move For Singapore?
The pandemic has changed many of our perspectives on a proper work-life balance. While many […]
11 January 2023
Aiding the journey for mothers returning to the workforce
The experience of returning to work after having a baby is different for every woman. […]
18 August 2022
A Heart for the People: e2i-RECA Career Conversion Programme for Property and Facilities Management
What makes an ideal Property Executive? Not the engineering skills or the natural charisma, but […]
8 August 2022
How Career Conversion Programmes can help with talent recruitment and upskilling challenges
Career Conversion Programmes help businesses gain skilled workers to meet their recruitment and talent objectives; […]
29 July 2022
Ask a Career Coach: How can I achieve greater satisfaction in my career and in life?
How do Singaporeans define career satisfaction? Traditionally, it would be a career that offers stability, […]
30 May 2022
Discover Careers in Finance and Accounting
How will the newly launched Accountancy Careers Hub help job seekers who are looking for […]
11 May 2022
Are you prepared for a COVID-19 endemic job market?
With the recent lifting of measures, the job market is changing once again. What can […]
26 April 2022
Mid-Career Switch Made Easier
Exploring a new job or industry may seem daunting, where one will need updated skillsets to stay relevant in a rapidly-changing landscape. Hear 52 year-old Weilin's story on how he had to learn, unlearn and relearn.
22 March 2022
What is a career development programme and how can it help me in my job?
e2i continues to support local jobseekers and industries through various initiatives such as the career […]
3 March 2022
How A Beautician Successfully Reinvented Her Career
While some may stay comfortable in their current job role, Donna Lim decided to change […]
28 February 2022
Supporting Workforce Productivity in a Post-Pandemic Growth Phase
Singapore’s economy continues to shift into growth mode as we learn to live with COVID-19. […]
19 November 2021
Grow your professional network with relationship building skills
Networking and relationship building for purposes of a mid-career switch or a job search can […]
17 November 2021
Take advantage of the Great Resignation for your mid-career change
8 November 2021
How do you become job-ready?
2 November 2021
A career coach’s perspective on dealing with job loss and retrenchment
e2i Career Coach Yeo Kia Li shares perspective, guidance and tips on how to handle […]
6 September 2021
Practical ways for individuals to handle retrenchment
Retrenchment and the uncertainty it creates can cause emotional, financial and mental hardship. Dealing with […]
27 August 2021
How does partnering with e2i help businesses in job redesign?
Many organisations are looking forward to the implementation of Singapore’s roadmap to a new normal. […]
12 August 2021
Tips for converting from temporary roles to a permanent job
Due to the pandemic and other related challenges, many individuals chose to take on contract […]
4 August 2021
A Driver’s Long Road Towards Career Reinvention
15 July 2021
Getting started on lifelong learning and upskilling
This article discusses on lifelong learning and upskilling before explaining why it is important and […]
9 July 2021
How an Employability trainer can help with your mid-career change
A recent survey shared that Singaporeans are willing to retrain for new roles. In light […]
30 June 2021
Writing a New Chapter after Prison Sentences
Noorhafizah Abdul Rahman is an ex-offender who turned her life around after finding Agape, a […]
23 June 2021
From Guiding Tourists to Guiding the Future Generation
With her work as a tour guide severely affected by the pandemic, 57-year-old Ong Lay […]
18 June 2021
5 personal branding capabilities to improve your job hunt
Job hunting during tough times can be challenging and frustrating. Jobseekers often feel that the […]
19 May 2021
Top 5 challenges faced by jobseekers in Singapore and where to find help
MOM’s recent Jobs Situation Report 18th Edition pointed out five key challenges that Singaporean jobseekers […]
12 April 2021
Who Says Mature PMETs Can’t Learn New Tricks?
Edmund Tang, a Senior Industry Development Manager at A*STAR’s Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), […]
23 March 2021
Tim Ho Wan’s Mature Workers Benefit from Job Redesign and Digitalisation
Myth busted: Online solutions need not be a hindrance for mature workers. In fact, digital […]
23 February 2021
The Career Guide For Employees of all Ages in Singapore
Nobody is too old to learn. e2i and BGC Group tackle the stigma against seeking […]
18 February 2021
HR Tips: 4 Clues That Highlight An Exceptional Candidate
How can hirers be sure that they are selecting the ideal candidate for the job? […]
18 November 2020
Online Speed Job Interview Series: Speed Off to a Career in Tech
Thinking about joining the booming tech sector but unsure of your chances? e2i’s Online Speed […]
30 October 2020
COVID-19: New Perspectives Gained Through Job Transitions
When one door closes, another opens. Through welcoming all job opportunities, four individuals not only […]
31 August 2020
Job Security: The Job Market Has Been Transforming. Have You?
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all jobs on a global scale. Technology has now become […]
29 May 2020
Job Security Amidst COVID-19: The Value of Training in Difficult Times
NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) CEO Gilbert Tan expands on the value of going […]
29 April 2020
Job Security Amidst COVID-19: How Businesses And Workers Can Seize Opportunities To Get Ahead
e2i CEO Gilbert Tan sheds some light on the current employment landscape amidst COVID-19, the […]
17 March 2020
Job Security: How Much Is Within Our Control?
When it comes to job security, there are some factors out of our control. But for those that are within, here is what we can do to boost our own job security. Hear experienced career practitioners share their insights and advice with us working individuals.
9 March 2020
Do You Create Content? Hear From Experts on these Do’s and Don’ts
What are the crucial Do's and Don'ts in today's world of digital content creation? Hear from these industry veterans as they share their tips, advice and strategies.
27 February 2020
The Job-Hopping Fad: Why & How Employers Can Stop It
Lifelong employment is a thing of the past. Today’s employees are more likely to jump […]
16 January 2020
3 Questions to Ask Before Making a Career Switch
Find out how you can have a better idea of your next career direction before making a decision.
13 January 2020
My Career Journey: From Lawyer to Nanny
The future belongs to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial.
26 December 2019
Support for bakers: Second-generation bakers improve operations with e2i’s assistance
The future belongs to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial.
8 October 2019
5 Crucial Steps to Dealing with Disability in your Career
Persons with disabilities can still achieve their career goals and aspirations. The good news is, […]
29 August 2019
Support for Pre-school Operators: Skool4Kidz’s staff learn skills to help children with autism
Continuous learning is a core value of Skool4Kidz, a pre-school operator with more than 40 […]
16 July 2019
World’s 50 Best Bars’ mixologists dish on their life and tips
What's going on in the bartending industry? Hear from the world's top mixologists.
16 July 2019
Fong’s Gears Up for SME 4.0 – A perspective from a young manufacturing engineer.
“Even though I just graduated, a lot of what I learnt in school and seeing it in real-life was different."
26 June 2019
5 Realities of Freelancing that You Need to Know
The world of freelancing has its complexities as much as its rewards...
31 May 2019
How Singapore’s SMEs can benefit from the rise of the gig economy
In March 2017, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say noted that there were 200,000 freelancers in […]
29 May 2019
Can You Thrive Without a Degree in Singapore?
In Singapore, most of us have been drilled from young to – study hard, do […]
27 May 2019
Mid-Career Switch… Unemployed In My 50s
Mid-career switches: while some voluntarily make this decision, others find themselves without a choice. 58-year-old […]
10 May 2019
Landing a Job with e2i’s Help
(This article was first published on Labourbeat.org, by writer Jonathan Tan) Thanks to e2i’s intervention, […]
28 February 2019
Meet e2i’s Outreach & Operations Group
Find out how e2i’s teams coach workers to adapt to a changing economy and increase […]


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