NTUC Job Security Council (JSC), an initiative of the National Trades Union Congress, was announced in February 2020. NTUC JSC is an ecosystem with a network of receiving and releasing companies that is built on trust.

NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) is the ecosystem manager, to gather information on job vacancies and jobs that are phasing out in advance and move upstream to provide help to companies and workers.

JSC provide transition support to at-risk or displaced workers with career coaching, skills evaluation, access to training, job-search assistance and job-matching services to improve their employment prospects and match them into new jobs.

The aim of JSC is to pilot new and better ways to match and place workers, minimize retrenchments and shorten unemployment period. It is also to support businesses in their economic cycles to cope with fluctuating manpower needs.

As an eco-system manager, e2i will have collective information on releasing and hiring jobs and is better able to job-match workers more efficiently. Companies on JSC can be part of the community to access industry insights, cross share and learn best practices and cultivate strategic networks amongst JSC partners.

If you are a business and interested to be part of JSC, you may: 

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