For companies undergoing
a restructure

e2i offers the following support services to help all segments of working people affected by job displacement exercises that occur when their companies undergo organizational restructure.

  • e2i can work with you to provide Career Coaching to help affected employees identify and prepare for their next career move.
  • Encourage your employees to attend our Employability Workshops designed to enhance job search, resume writing and interviewing skills.
  • Share with them relevant programmes/initiatives, career fairs and related events that they may consider and leverage
  • As the programme manager of the NTUC Job Security Council, e2i possesses collective information on releasing and hiring jobs and is better able to job-match workers efficiently.

From 1 January 2017, employers will need to notify Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of retrenchments within 5 working days after they notify the affected employees. Notifying MOM of retrenchment exercises will enable relevant agencies such as e2i to help affected employees find alternative employment and/or identify relevant training to enhance employability.

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