Jobs@NorthEast ( ends 29 Oct 2023)

Career Fairs

This virtual career fair , follows after the e2i x Tampines West Community Club Career Fair held on 20 Sep; to continue to brings jobs from the East to residents & individuals keen to work in the area.
There are jobs from various sectors to suit anyone seeking Full-time, Part-time & Flexi Work Arrangements!

Career Navigator (03 October 2023)

Training Sessions

Through this workshop by e2i, you will understand yourself even better and learn how you can plan better for your career. This workshop will illustrate how you can leverage on the personality assessments available and you will get to interpret and integrate your results with your career goals.

Elevator Pitch – 4 Rules to Hit Home Run (04 October 2023)

Training Sessions

Do you struggle to think of what to say when asked to introduce yourself? Through this workshop by e2i, you will learn how to craft your very own elevator pitch — useful for job search and various networking situations.

Win the Search (10 October 2023)

Training Sessions

Win the Search! is a 4-hour interactive workshop that seeks to share with jobseekers the practical steps that they can take to craft an effective resume and increase their chances of getting selected for interviews.