Are you going through a career

At e2i, we can help you make successful transitions into your chosen career paths.

  • Meet with our career coach to support you in gaining better clarity and awareness in your career journey
  • Attend one of our Employability Workshops to gain insights and a competitive edge in your job search journey.  Key highlights of this workshop include tips on networking and learning how to pitch your work experience and attributes.
  • Sign up for career fairs and meet employers to expand your network and employment opportunities.

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Feeling a Career Burnout?

Check out this toolkit to assess your current career, identify what are some of the opportunities ahead for yourself and view what can be done to get there!

Assess Your Current Career

Assess your current career & find out what skills are in demand in your current job!

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Identify the Opportunities

Identify the opportunities ahead and what are the career options available for you!

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Action Plan

Getting there! Let’s create an action plan!

Meet an e2i career coach, book online now or call to make an appointment:

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