Update: SWEAG and PTRG applications will no longer be accepted after 31 Dec 2022, 6pm.

Update as of 2022

What Is It?

  1. The Senior Worker Early Adopter Grant (SWEAG) provides support of up to $125,000 for employers to increase their staff’s retirement and re-employment ages ahead of the legislative schedule.
  2. The Part-Time Re-Employment Grant (PTRG) provides funding support of up to $125,000 to employers that commit to a part-time re-employment policy for eligible senior workers.

Since the launch of the SWEAG and PTRG on 1 Jul 2020, many progressive firms have successfully applied for the grants to raise their internal retirement and re-employment ages above the prevailing statutory ages, and commit to a part-time re-employment policy for its eligible senior workers. As of Oct 22, at least 6,400 and 5,200 firms have successfully applied for the SWEAG and PTRG respectively. This is expected to benefit at least 50,000 and 42,000 senior workers respectively.

As of 31 Dec 2022, NTUC e2i has ceased accepting applications for the SWEAG and PTRG. We hope that firms will continue to implement progressive employment practices to create an age-friendly workplace for their senior workers and encourage them to stay in the workforce.

Update as of 2023

The Ministry of Manpower has launched a New Part Time Re-Employment Grant. Interested applicants can find out more from the Workforce Singapore website.

How to Adopt Tripartite Standard – Age Friendly Workplace Practices (TS-AWP)?

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Visit the TAFEP website: https://www.tal.sg/tafep/getting-started/progressive/adopt-tripartite-standards

2. Tick “Age-Friendly Workplace Practices” and complete the rest of the form.

3. Click “Submit”

4. After successful adoption, TAFEP will send an email to company in 3 working days. Company may attach that email in your claim submission.

If your company had already adopted:

5. If your company has already adopted the Tripartite Standards, you may do a search in the list of organizations in the link below and submit a screenshot.



Application for SWEAG & PTRG has closed.

If your application is approved by e2i, you will receive a Letter of Offer.

You are required to return the signed Letter of Acceptance within 1 month.


Companies are required to take the following actions before filing a claim:

  1. Complete claim form that provides information on all senior workers.
  2. Furnish updated HR policy on:
    1. Internal/employer-level Retirement and Re-Employment ages showing the respective increases from current policy
  3. Communicate the new policy to all employees with proof of communication
  4. Issue addendums (specific clauses will be provided) to employment contracts documenting the policy change to all employees
    1. For Senior Workers: Companies to submit individually addressed and signed addendums (i.e. those aged 60 and above). 
    2. For non-Senior Workers: Companies to submit documentary proof that the standardized addendum (e.g. email with attachment or signed acknowledgment) has been sent to the rest of the employees
  5. Prepare employment contracts for all senior workers benefitted under this grant
  6. Prepare NRICs of senior workers for all replacement senior workers, if any
  7. CPF Form 90:
    a. For applications submitted before 1 July 2022: Prepare CPF Form 90 for all replacement senior workers
    b. For applications submitted from 1 July 2022: Prepare CPF Form 90 for all senior workers
  8. Adopt the Tripartite Standard on Age-Friendly Workplace Practices (TS-AWP)


To submit for claims, submit the following documents to [email protected].
Please refer to the list of documents here.

We will process your claims on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Once your claims is approved, you will receive an email notification.

 If you want to submit claims, click here.

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