Win the Search (10 January 2023)

Training Sessions

Win the Search! is a 4-hour interactive workshop that seeks to share with jobseekers the practical steps that they can take to craft an effective resume and increase their chances of getting selected for interviews.

Win the Interview (11 January 2023)

Training Sessions

Jobseekers can avail themselves to latest interview techniques and prepare themselves to answer challenging interview questions. By applying the right techniques, jobseekers will be able to improve their responses and project a confident self during an interview.

Win the Salary Negotiation (12 January 2023)

Training Sessions

Creating a win-win situation for both yourself and the potential employer is a great start to a fulfilling career. At this workshop, you will learn to pitch your value proposition at the stage of negotiation to seal the deal with the employer who has offered you that job.

Workshop: Speak off the Cuff and Sell Effectively at Job Interviews (16 Jan 2023)

Training Sessions

Ever been in a situation where you were asked to speak off the cuff? Or heading for a job interview and your interviewer posed a challenging question to you.

Very often, we may not be able to deliver a speech fully prepared. And this is where the ability to think on your feet comes in handy. In this workshop, jobseekers will discover proven techniques and strategies to think on their feet and speak off the cuff and communicate under pressure, whether in a physical or virtual interview.

Network Your Way to a Job (17 January 2023)

Training Sessions

In this workshop, you’ll learn to map and tap into your existing networks, leverage on them as a valuable resource in your job search journey.

Electronics Industry Day

Networking Sessions/Seminars

Looking to learn more about the electronics sector and semiconductor industry, or want to find out more about your career prospects with leading companies? Come join us at our annual Electronics Industry Day where we bring together diversified businesses and partners within the ecosystem to showcase the industry’s spirit and resilience to the talent of the next generation, or anyone looking to join the industry.

Advanced Semiconductor Technology Conference & Exhibition

Networking Sessions/Seminars

With MEMS and Sensor innovations driving an explosion of automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, mobile, industrial space, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the stage is set for the SEMI Southeast Asia ASTC Conference & Exhibition focusing on MEMS & Sensors.

Visit the exhibition booths to discover the latest technologies, products, services, and solutions. This event will also provide many opportunities for delegates to engage and network with other semiconductor peers.

NOTE: ASTC is a paid conference. Visitor registration for the exhibition is free.