Career Guidance

27 May 2019

Mid-Career Switch… Unemployed In My 50s

Mid-career switches: while some voluntarily make this decision, others find themselves without a choice. 58-year-old […]
23 May 2018

“I Was Jobless but Not Hopeless”

Jobless but not hopeless: Louisa found help in a time of need and now opens […]
9 March 2018

Andre Foo: How I discovered my career interest

There has been a rising trend of professionals in Singapore who leave their corporate jobs […]
2 November 2017

Retrenched and unemployed for one year: lessons learnt

In 2016, 16,810 permanent employees in Singapore were retrenched. In addition to a bleak world […]
15 July 2017

Staying Positive Through Challenges

The interview seems to be going well,” William* thought to himself as he sat across […]