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19 November 2021

Grow your professional network with relationship building skills

Networking and relationship building for purposes of a mid-career switch or a job search can […]
2 November 2021

A career coach’s perspective on dealing with job loss and retrenchment

e2i Career Coach Yeo Kia Li shares perspective, guidance and tips on how to handle […]
15 July 2021

Getting started on lifelong learning and upskilling

This article discusses on lifelong learning and upskilling before explaining why it is important and […]
19 May 2021

Top 5 challenges faced by jobseekers in Singapore and where to find help

MOM’s recent Jobs Situation Report 18th Edition pointed out five key challenges that Singaporean jobseekers […]
31 August 2020

Job Security: The Job Market Has Been Transforming. Have You?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all jobs on a global scale. Technology has now become […]
27 February 2020

The Job-Hopping Fad: Why & How Employers Can Stop It

Lifelong employment is a thing of the past. Today’s employees are more likely to jump […]
26 December 2019

Support for bakers: Second-generation bakers improve operations with e2i’s assistance

The future belongs to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial.
29 August 2019

Support for Pre-school Operators: Skool4Kidz’s staff learn skills to help children with autism

Continuous learning is a core value of Skool4Kidz, a pre-school operator with more than 40 […]
16 July 2019

World’s 50 Best Bars’ mixologists dish on their life and tips

What's going on in the bartending industry? Hear from the world's top mixologists.
16 July 2019

Fong’s Gears Up for SME 4.0 – A perspective from a young manufacturing engineer.

“Even though I just graduated, a lot of what I learnt in school and seeing it in real-life was different."
29 May 2019

Can You Thrive Without a Degree in Singapore?

In Singapore, most of us have been drilled from young to – study hard, do […]
27 May 2019

Mid-Career Switch… Unemployed In My 50s

Mid-career switches: while some voluntarily make this decision, others find themselves without a choice. 58-year-old […]