Bridge your skill gaps

- Bridge your skill gaps

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Bridge your skill gaps

There are comprehensive national frameworks rolled out across 23 industries if you are in need of an overview:

All Skills
Institutes of Higher Learning

Explore courses focusing on horizontal or sector-specific skills from local universities or polytechnics and receive a certification upon completion.

SkillsFuture Courses

If you are a Singaporean and at least 25 years old, utilize your SkillsFuture credits to take on approved courses in your interested area of training at a subsidised rate.

Go to SkillsFuture Courses.

Industry & Technical Skills
SGUnited Skills Programme

Catered for mid-career switchers who are keen to pick up new skills and gain experience in a new industry. Attend training programmes lasting from 6 – 12 months and receive a monthly training allowance of up to $1200.

Go to SGUnited Skills Programme.

CET Centres

Identify a training programme you are interested in and source for a training provider best suited to your needs.

Go to CET Centres.

Advanced Manufacturing Framework (PIDA)

Provides a manufacturing skills training framework based on the four pillars of Advanced Manufacturing to help transit into Industry 4.0

Go to our Advanced Manufacturing Framework (PIDA).

Digital Skills
Digital Readiness Framework (BBIP)

Provides a step-by-step guide based on four levels of digital competencies to help you navigate.

Go to Digital Readiness Framework (BBIP).

SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace

Utilize your SkillsFuture Credit to acquire basic digital skills, including: using mobile apps, the importance of cybersecurity and how data and information can be used.

Go to SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace.

Bridging skill gaps should be a constant process across different stages in one’s career, employed or not. If you’d like further assistance as to what areas you should be training yourself in, or what specific certifications are required for certain job positions, do feel free to meet our friendly career coaches for a consultation.